Different phases of ethical hacking: Beginner Level Part – 7

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As like all other projects, ethical hacking to have some set of distinct phases. It will help hackers in common to check or attack the certain network with the vulnerabilities. These are the following hacking phases, they are six as explained – Phases of hacking

Phases of Hacking

phases of hacking

Reconnaissance – Phases of hacking

phases of hacking

Reconnaissance is the method of attacking a host or device and gathers information about the target using twp methods.They are active and passive methods.The active method will collect information about the host instantly. In the Passive method, the attacker will listen to the host slowly and take the time to understand the host, also to collect the information. The tools widely used in the process are NMAP, Hping, Maltego, and Google dorks.

Scanning – Phases of hacking

In this method the attackers will actively probe the target machine or network for vulnerability that can be easily exploited.The tools that are used in this process are Nessus, Nexpose and Nmap.

Gaining Access – Phases of hacking

In this phase, the host totally gets into hands of an attacker. In major of the cases, the primary tool for the attack used for gaining access is Metasploit.

Maintaining Access – Phases of hacking

It is the next level of gained access in the system. After gaining access,  the hackers or attacker will create a backdoor to the system.When he needs to access the system, then he can get into your system.

Clearing Tracks – Phases of hacking

phases of hacking

It is actually an unethical activity. This is the method of deleting all the logs created during the attack. So, the hacker will clear all his tracks or logs created by him completely.

Reporting – Phases of hacking

This is the last step of finishing in the ethical hacking process. Here the ethical hacker compiles the report with all his findings. The report contains tools, resources, success rate, the vulnerability found, and the exploit processes.

Quick Tip – Phases of hacking

The processes are not so standard, some hackers may follow different methods of hacking phases according to their wise.In another course rather than CEH, the hacking may differ. These methods are good enough to understand for now.

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