Types of Hackers: Beginner Level Part -2

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Types of Hacker

These are the following types of a hacker who rule the virtual world.It would be so interesting to know about the cultures of hacking.Their life style is entirely different from ordinary people.They have extraordinary talents and skill in technology.A domain expert will always contribute to the domain he is working on.But hackers are the personalities who play roles on all the field by nature.Hacker cannot be the only male; they are well performing female pirate too.The black hats call them Anonymous because they don’t want that reputation to be valid for a single person or group.

Script Kiddies

types of hackers

Script Kiddies are those don’t have proper knowledge of technology without which they just try to do some fun tricks. They use to hack games, create an impression of other they are the best hackers. They just steal data from the weakest network by attacking the system. They use some old traditional tools like Metasploit, LOIC. They also do some stealing jobs by looking into YouTube videos, documents, etc. They use the virus, programming codes, SQL Docks and a lot of other things. They don’t have wise to learn the hacking.

White Hat

types of hackers

Ethical hackers are also known as white hat hackers who are certified IT security people. They ensure the safety in the world of hacking. They test the vulnerability of the network and help the host to be secured. They remove ransomware, malware, virus, adware, etc. The most common certification of a white hat is “Certified Ethical Hacker” The act like a hero in the world of hacking and help the ordinary people to be secured from unknown threats in the virtual world.

Black Hat

types of hackers

These people are those who have extraordinary skill in computer technology and use them to steal the sensitive information from the bigger organization. They crack the vulnerable network. They mainly target banks and credit card detail.They use the sensational data ask money for giving back the data. For example, we have come across different ransomware which locked the document extensions and ask bitcoins to open them. Let discuss Bitcoin later on. Ransomware such as Pepto, Petya, wanna cry, etc.

Gray Hat

types of hackers

They are the one who acts as both the black and white hat hackers. They do good as well sometimes bad according to their thought. They help the society as like white hats and secure the data. Sometimes they act as black hats for money or any personal reason.

Green Hat

types of hackers

These hackers called as “n00bz”, but unlike script kiddies. They tried to learn everything and wanted to become full-blown hackers. The hacker community may flame them for asking a simple question too. When their questions answered, they listen as like children hearing the family stories.

Red Hat

types of hackers

They are vigilant of hacker world called mostly.They halt the black hats. They are stronger than black hat hacker. They demolish the system of the black hat hacker entirely by injecting the virus into the regime of the black hat hackers. They are aggressive to force the cracker to need a new computer.

Blue Hat

If a Script Kiddie took revenge, he/she might become a Blue Hat. Blue Hat hackers will seek vengeance on those who’ve them angry. Most Blue Hats are n00bz, but like the Script Kiddies, they have no desire to learn.

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