What is Cybercrime?: Beginner Level Part – 9

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Types of Cybercrime?

Cyber Crime is the use of computer and network to do the illegal activities such as spreading the virus, online bullying, performing unauthorized electronic fund transfers, and etc. Most of the cyber crime occurs through the internet alone.Some of them can be carried out by the Mobile phones via SMS and online chat application.

Type of Cybercrime

These are the types of cyber crimes:

Computer Fraud:

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Intentional hacking for personal benefits through the use of computer systems and networks.

Privacy violation:

what is cybercrime

Exploring the personal information such as email address, phone numbers, account details, etc of others without their knowledge to the internet.

Identity Theft:

what is cybercrime

Stealing some persons data and impersonating that person.

Sharing copyrighted files/information:

what is cybercrime

Distributing the copyrighted contents such as eBooks and computer programs etc.

Electronic funds transfer:

what is cybercrime

Gaining access to the bank computer networks and making the illegal fund transfers.

Electronic money laundering:

what is cybercrime

Making money with the computer through laundering.

ATM Fraud:

what is cybercrime

The method of intercepting the ATM Cards details, credit card stealing and PIN numbers. These details are used to withdraw money from the intercepted accounts.

Denial of Service Attacks:

what is cybercrime

Attacking the server in the multiple location to attack the server with a view of shutting them down.


what is cybercrime

Spamming is te method of sending the emails usaly containst the advertisement and phising contents.

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