Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS: New Features and Release Date

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Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS release is about to come in next month. Every Linux geek is wondering what would be the new feature of the upcoming Ubuntu Version.

Let’s break those features here.

I will round up all the key features of the next release of Ubuntu’s most popular Linux Flavor.

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Release & Features


1. A layout of New Panel

From Beginning of the Ubuntu, you may experience that the big change right from the starting is the layout. Ubuntu MATE 18.04 comes with the very new desktop layout to impress its users.

In this version, the applets are added to the top bar such as Application, Places and Systems menus to the top bar.

The layout swaps menu applet for the Brisk Menu.

Look for the new UI is cool as like before, changes have made attractive work-space for the users.

The new layout swaps the stock menu applet for the Brisk Menu. 

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Release date

Mainly not all gets pleased by the applet switch. Though a lot of folks who are passionate about Ubuntu Mate because it is stylish after GNOME 2.

Besides the design, new Ubuntu is ridiculously customizable according to the user’s needs and passion. In older days, Ubuntu is the most loving theme for all the Linux user which was freely available and have the lot of cool features which windows really don’t have in their software packages. Since Ubuntu became sick for Windows user due to the application run level and add-on features provided.

This version will be suitable for all the user, as like other flavors it was not meant to satisfy the specific requirement. It was rather made to help a lot of people who are really a passion of Linux geeking. 🙂

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Release date 

2. Comes with MATE Desktop 1.20

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS uses the latest MATE Desktop 1.20 release, which popped out back in February.

MATE Desktop 1.20 introduced a polishing and improvement to a layout of the desktop which includes the keyboard releases and lot of cool features such as,

  • HiDPI support (including dynamic detection and scaling)
  • Quarter window tiling
  • Hardware acceleration the Marco window manager (where supported)

Other changes include

  • ImprovedStatus Notifier Items (SNI) support
  • MATE Terminal supports background images
  • The improved version of Atril document viewer
  • Support for color emoji!

3. A Haven for Unity Refugees

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS wanted to provides the Unity Desktop Devotees who loves the workflow use something supported. The windows are now even maximized then before.

4. A Better MATE Tweak

The MATE Tweak is an indispensable utility. For the LTS release is picks up some new features, including HiDPI toggles for switching between auto detection, regular scaling and forced scaling.

Then, switching between the layouts in desktop seems to be more robust too.

Download Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 is under development. We can also download the beta version of this distort for testing purpose. Still, I don’t recommend to download the beta for any other thing rather than testing also it is not recommended to use it as Full Time OS.

You can download a beta build of the distort for testing, but it’s generally not advised that you use it as your full-time OS.

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