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Unfortunately, smashing the screen of your smartphone is reasonably a occurrence. If this has happened to you and you’re now the unlucky owner of the notorious spiderweb by using an unresponsive touchscreen, you don’t have to express goodbye to your device just yet. In this article are our advice on salvage what’s left of your smartphone.

As a basic rule, applications you have installed from Google Enjoy will download updates automatically (called auto-update apps) in order to improve their performance on your capsule or smartphone. Generally talking, this is an excellent thing, but it can also slow down your phone, use up your mobile data and keep you from doing other things with your device. This is where manually updating software can be more practical.

How to recover data if your screen is broken but you can still see the screen

If you’ve broken your touchscreen but the screen is still working (you can see it), you can fix this by utilizing a USB OTG (On The Go) and a mouse linked to your device. A USB OTG connects mobile devices to other devices. Basically, your Android device has a mini-USB port and you need to hook up this to a mouse that has a USB port. The USB OTG links these two together.

USB OTG: The facts and how to use it
Once you have linked the mouse button, you can unlock your device no matter whether you have a pattern, PIN or password. We recommend using passwords anyways because they are highly secure.

Now that your phone is unlocked, you can attach it to your personal computer and either transfer your data you need to your microSD memory or hook up it directly to your PC and transfer the documents there.

The way to unlock your screen when the show is broken

Happily, there are a few options available when you find yourself in this position. That said, you have to note that these are non permanent measures; to ensure you can continue to occurs device you will in the end need to repair the screen.

The simplest method is to use your PC. Go to the “Android Device Manager” website and sign in with your Google account. For those who have GPS enabled on your device, it can be detected by the web tool. In most cases your smartphone is already registered, but you can always set your phone with your Google account if you haven’t already done so. Click on “Lock” and choose “Unlock”. Even with a broken display, you’ll be able to access your device. Once you hook up your smartphone to the PC you’ll be able to transfer and support the data on your smartphone.

How to restore data if your display screen is off

If you can’t see your screen, you might need to acquire a VNC program. There are plenty of these on the market but ensure you pick one that’s safe and free. These programs move your Android interface to your PC so you can control it from there.

In order to use these programs, you’ll need to download the program to your PC but in addition on your Android device. There are some paid programs out there too nevertheless they usually include more features than this. Thus if you’re buying a more intensive tool, you can grab one of these instead.

Recovering files with AirDroid

AirDroid is software that connects your smart phone to your pc. You can put it to use from a web interface or through an application on your computer. You just have to install it on your personal computer and on your Android device.

Through your account, you should be able to attach to both devices. On your smartphone, you will see several icons that give you use of features such as file exchange or iphone app uninstalling. You can check out different options but the one we’re looking for is the Backup.

Make sure you use the same logon details and go to your phone and press the save button. An individual can also go through the application: click on the name of your device in the left menu and click on the Backup menu within the three tabs at the very top. Your data will then be saved onto the computer.

Plus: AirDroid also allows you to see your notifications on the pc.

Recovering files with Vysor

Vysor also allows you to occurs Android phone from a desktop computer. Functions through an extension for Chrome, which has a clear advantage: you can use Vysor on Home windows, Mac and Linux. A straightforward USB cable connects the device and desktop.

You can use Vysor’s basic functions with the free version. With it you can, for example, attach the devices to take ?screenshots? from Android. With the paid version, screen quality is better, full display screen display is available. Data transfer can be performed by dragging and dropping, without a cable connection connection.

Application setup is simple. We found it to be occasionally slow. The image quality is not optimal in the free version.

AirDroid is probably the best way to use your smart phone from your PC because it offers more than Vysor. Perhaps TeamViewer also deserves a location in this list but however it does not work with many Android devices.

If you still can’t get your current data

Another solution regarding getting your computer data off your current phone is to take it to a shop of which can repair it. Yes, this option costs money. Yet you’ll not only get your data but also get a fixed phone.

Help to make sure you ask around regarding a reputable repair go shopping. Once the phone continues to be repaired, they can simply take your data. If you go to one of many large dealers, you’ll probably pay much more but you’re also less most likely to get ripped off.

Have you recovered data from a broken smartphone? Contact us how in the feedback.

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