League of Legends Android Games

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League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends APK Data is finally out!!

League of Legends

League of legends: Darkness

Fighting with multiple enemies and strong bosses. Guide your hero through all the battles and improve his stats . You can be one of  the 3 heroes in this Android game. Each and every  level has a long lasting battle with millions of of level boss. By defeating them all you’ll get a  big boss battle.

Once the big boss is defeated, you will receive money which can be spent on buying new equipment. Money also helps in improving your hero’s  health, defense, attack and many. take the useful items like potions and bombs.
League of Legends League of Legends

Game features

  • > Colourful Graphics
  • > 12 levels of play
  • > 3 unique characters
  • > 2 challenging levels
  • > Dynamic gameplay

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