Is the deep web real ?

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Many people ask this question “Is the deep web real?”

Is the deep web real? Yes, the deep web is real.

warning the following is for educational purposes only please do not enter the Deep Web unless you know what you’re doing

  • I’m going to prove you guys that Deep Web is a real answering your question “Is the deep web real”
  • I’m gonna just show you guys what’s going to happen if you look up an onion link from you from the Deep Web into a regular browser
  • I’m on regular on my regular browser Firefox
  • I’m going to paste in an onion link at the top (I’m not going to show you guys which onion link it is because it leads to like the hidden wiki)

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I just filled an onion link in a regular browser I just use Firefox for this

I’m going to press enter key

It says server not found in Dutch so the server is not found because an onion link is a link you can only use on tor browser because this is not an indexed URL

Is the deep web real ?

Is the deep web rereal?

  • So what you want to do is you want to go over to tor browser
  • I’m going to boot up tor browser real quick and then
  • I’ll be going to paste the same URL and you guys will see it’s connecting to the Tor network as you can see and here we go
  • Is the deep web real ?

    Is the deep web real?

First of all guys oh I can already hear you guys like Dude you’re using this browser maximized and that and that that way people can track you by your screen resolution guys this is just window mode stretched until it fills the entire screen don’t worry

  1. I am on tor browser
  2. I’m going to paste in the link at the top
  3. I’m gonna press enter(actually it loads a little bit longer than regular browsers)

The link I just pasted on regular browser now leads to the hidden wiki as you guys can see

Is the deep web real ?

Is the deep web real?

I’m on the Deep Web so the Deep Web is not a hoax the Deep Web is real

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