How to Install Kali Linux?

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Kali Linux is one of the best security packages of an ethical hacker, containing a set of tools divided by the categories. It is an open source and its official webpage is

Kali Linux is the best secuity and pentesting tool of all times for an ethical hacker. It is also available open for all the ethical hackers it can be found officially in website

We can install Kali Linux in our physical laptop or desktop but in this case I prefer to installation virtualbox or VMware. Virtual station is the best technique to test Kali Linux, the best option in virtual machine is we can revert back the machine where we saved attack last time. Try to Google about snapshot option in VMware. Kali Linux can be downloaded in the official website, it is available as USB boot or CD boot. You can get everything in the following link

How to Install Kali Linux

BackTrack was old version of Kali Linux. In 2016, it was named as Kali Linux. I will be updated very often.
Linux Distribution

How to install Kali Linux

To install Kali Linux

We need to install VMware or virtualbox, in this case lets use virtualbox.

Download and Install the Virtual Box

Virtualbox is lighter than VMware which is best option for testing Kali Linux. With the help of virtualbox we can install , that is not directly into work hard disk. The social Bhaskar create a virtual hard disc inside a system and where this container going to be installed. Not only Kali Linux can install any OS in virtualbox example Windows Mac Linux and etc..

Let's start understanding how can we are download virtualbox in our system.
Step 1 −Download -

Depending upon your operating system in a laptop or desktop choose the virtualbox application it can be Windows or Linux whatever it is.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 2 − Start installing VM in the step click Next.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 3 − The next Windows it will ask you where to install virtualbox in your system let everything be as it is.
Custom Setup

How to install Kali Linux
Step 4 −Text popup shows you about creating desktop shortcuts give as per your requirement
Custom Features

How to install Kali Linux
Step 5 − As a last step click yes to proceed the installation process.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 6 − Then Click Install & Click the Finish button.

Virtualbox application will open as like the below screenshot.The Virtual Box application will now open as shown in the following screenshot.

How to install Kali Linux

Install Kali Linux

The installation virtualbox is completed let's move on to installation of Kali Linux.Instead of installation from iso , let's make it easier. Download the VM of the Kali linux.
Step 1 − Download the Kali Linux VM file from the official website:
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 2 − Click VirtualBox → New as given below.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 3 − Choose the right virtual hard disk.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 4 − Choose the RAM you want to provide for your Kali Linux.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 5 − Now the installation is compelted. The default username is root and the password is toor.
 How to install Kali Linux
After installation of Kali we need to update the Kali Linux to the latest distributionIt is important . His time you update Kali Linux it'll have security patches latest tools a lot of features, but the functionality remains the same.
Step 1 − direct to the application of Kali Linux, and search terminals. After opening Terminals, just put the basic commands "apt-get update" .

How to install Kali Linux

How to install Kali Linux
Step 2 − Next lets upgrade the tools, type the command “apt-get upgrade” and the new packages and tools will be downloaded in Kali Linux.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 3 − It will ask if you want to continue. Type “Y”and “Enter”.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 4 − If you want to upgrade the OS itself , then proceed with following command but it will be large file to download. Type “apt-get distupgrade”.
In addition to this topic let's install metasploit which is an additional tools for pentesting which will act with Kali Linux also. That's install VM file of Metasploit let's download it from official website.
Step 1 − Download Metasploitable,
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 2 − Register your following details and start downloading it.
 How to install Kali Linux
Step 3 − Click VirtualBox → New.
Step 4 − Then virtual box Click “Use an existing virtual hard disk file”. Browse the file where you have downloaded Metasploitable and click Open.
Step 5 − Set the required RAM and start installing.
The default username is msfadmin and the password is msfadmin.
In future updates, we will provide details information about this application's.
This is the first level of installation and configuration of Kali Linux. Really Kali Linux is interesting thing to learn and execute it.
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