How to Hack Facebook Password Using Brute Force Attack

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Hack Facebook Password Using Brute Force Attack is not easy, but Tricks planet provides you new in addition to latest tricks to crack Facebook accounts from Google Android or from PC. I actually think you all study my previous articles on Facebook hacking and based to team tekgyd they are all still working.

This (Facebook Hacking) is Only for Educational Purpose, Strictly Restricted to use in wrong way
Exactly what Is Brute Force Strike?
Brute Force Attack is usually also known as Brute force cracking. It a new a common trail as well as error method used by program programs to decode encrypted data such as Passwords, databases or other trap holes securities. This is usually a general definition associated with Brute force by search engines or other bloggers.


So, First let’s know something special in Brute force attacks, “A brute force attack is actually a trial-and-error method used to be able to obtain information such since a user password or perhaps personal identification number (PIN).
In a brute force attack, automated software is employed to generate a lot of consecutive guesses as to the value regarding the specified data. ”
But, Inside our case, I’ll be by using a Python script plus a Long Dictionary Of passwords. I use personally tried out it on myself and it really works.

Requirement: Hack Facebook Password Using Brute Force Attack

1. A Kali Machine
2. Download
3. A FaceBook id Of course
4. CrackStation Word List! Download from here
Now, Let’s Start The Work

Step 1.

Install Python-mechanize using command mention below
[*] root@root:~#apt-get install python-mechanize

Step 2.

Add using the command below
[*] root@root~# chmod +x [*] root@root:~# python

Step 3.

Now enter | Email | or | Phone number | or | Profile ID number| or | Username | of the victim,

Step 4.

Now Give The “Path” Of Your CrackStation Word list

Step 5.

Now it will try all passwords present in the word list,
Hack Facebook Password Using Brute Force Attack – So relax and have a cup of coffee because it will take time depending on the speed of your processor and password strength of your victim!


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