Hack WiFi Password : How to HACK any WiFi Password on Android (No-Root)

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Today we’re gonna talk about one of the most trending topics on the Internet. That’s how to hack WiFi password without having any root access or any kinds of special all those crab apps.

How to HACK any WiFi Password on Android (No-Root)

That’s it.

Before we get started

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So let’s get started.

Today’s topic is how to hack WiFi password.

Any kind of Wi-Fi password almost any kind of Wi-Fi password without having root access or using special apps or something like that and this method is 100% working.

I assure you I have tried it myself. So let’s get started but so there are before I get started and how to hack out all those stuff I will tell you something about Wi-Fi routers. there are

There are three different type of Wi-Fi routers Human has encountered with.

  1. WPA with WPS enabled. This is the most hackable type of Wi-Fi network. I will show you how to hack this kind of Wi-Fi network in this Article
  2. WPA2 enabled this one is a little bit difficult to hack but it can be hacked. I will show you that too and
  3. The last is the most unhackable of them all is WEP enabled you may notice these kinds of Wi-Fi networks in banks and all those stuff. This is almost unhackable so you can’t hack these kinds of Wi-Fi networks.

Step 1

Android ampere, this is that one of the best apps for hacking any kinds of Wi-Fi devices for your Android or iOS. When you open this app what you gonna do is you see there are two different types of Wi-Fi networks that are in my range. What I gonna try is try connecting to one of them. It will show you something like this try connect you have two different options no custom pin and custom pin. If you choose custom pin you will have to enter random nine digit number but if you choose no custom pin it will automatically try to connect. It will try like trying 1 and so on it will try to like try up to 6 but you see it automatically connected me with the first try.

That’s it I’m connected to a Wi-Fi network now but you may see one more thing out there see when I search here it shows 3 networks found but it’s only showing me 2 or WPS network so what’s the problem here

see when I click on show all networks. There’s another one out there but it’s secured so what’s the problem with this one, it’s showing encryption type wpa2

but here it’s encryption by wpa2 yeah here WPS enabled no here WPS enable yes so the ones which have WPS enabled are easily hackable but the ones which have double no WPS enabled cannot be hacked

Step 2

WPS WPA tester. this is similar to the Android number in many ways. But there are various other things you can do in this. Here for all these things, there’s no root access required.

What do you don’t require any kinds of root access for Android dumper

WPS WPA tester the next step I’m gonna show. so let’s get started. it’s showing the root

  • It’s showing the root not found you can connect only with the root method. That’s crap
  • See you click on search.
  • It scans your Wi-Fi you see again there are three
  • Again there are three different types of options click on any
  • Click on any one on the like indoor or something.
  • it’s showing no WPS enable there are now two different types of options
  • There is Manual pin selection or you can select give any kind of random digit number so the first else like manual pin
  • so the first else like manual pin selection There are two different options I’m seeing no root
  • if you have root it will also show you the Wi-Fi password of the device you are trying to connect

But if you don’t root Jordan get disappointed it will automatically connect you to the wifi.

It starting connection without root test success for showing password you need to. okay and now I’m connected to a

okay and now I’m connected to a Wi-Fi network. But if you have root it will also show you the password.

So that’s the way you can connect any time of WPS or WPA enable Wi-Fi network with this one

Step 3

  • It’s the rarely used but it may be helpful in some cases.
  • This is Wi-Fi router password it’s not actually hacking the
  • It’s not actually hacking the Wi-Fi out there it’s showing you the
  • It’s showing you the random passwords you can try on these kinds of Wi-Fi router see like there’s

the first one let me see

see here is the d-link type of router if there is a d-link type of router it will show you different types of IP addresses. So it will show you the passwords for them like if you have it will show you password admin try that so, on the try or any of these passwords, these may work. But mostly it does not work but sometimes it may work you have to try.

I will I almost assure you that you are easily going to hack from both of those methods I mentioned above. don’t get disappointed. how to hack WiFi password

I hope this helps you out if you got any kinds of questions you can ask me right down in the comments below

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