How to Boot a Linux OS in a Pendrive?

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1.1 Booting RHEL in a pen drive.

We need to use the latest version of booting software for Linux because the application need have the latest version of syslinux. So, download the latest version of booting application for booting the RHEL into the pendrive.

In this case, I have used the latest version of Rufus.

Insert the pendrive and start the Rufus application. After starting the application, you need to select some mandatory function to execute the booting operation in the Rufus.

As described in the screenshot proceed with selecting the options as given below.

1.2. Selecting the iso for the PC.

If you inserted multiple pendrive select the specific pendrive which is to be booted through Rufus.

Select the iso from the list of drop downs.

1.3 Select the required iso from the pc and start booting.

Now the application has selected the required iso from the pc and proceed further.

1.4 Then start the booting process.

Insert the boot media into the server which we need to install the RHEL 7. This booting need to proceed if you’re installing RHEL in a physical server directly.

Follow the procedure to install RHEL 7 Server  – RHEL 7 Free Download and Installation

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