How to access the dark web on Android??

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Facebook unveiled the second URL of their site that can only be accessed through TOR. TOR is a software that allows users to log in anonymously from nearly anywhere on the planet. Even in countries where Facebook is heavily monitored or blocked.

What is dark web?

The Internet is vast and daily growing. A majority of our usage only scratches the surface. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines show only 4% of the pages on the internet. To access the other 96% requires customized digging through Individual sites, Subpages, Restricted Access, Journals, Archives and so on. This 96% is called the Deep web.

Typically the Dark Web has many aspects, but almost all of the mystery and intrigue encircling system has to do with all the news about the hidden areas that are said to sell many methods from AK-47 assault rifles to banned drugs and psychotropic substances. You can also reportedly find hitmen for hire on controversial Dark Web market segments, the most infamous and notorious of which, Man made fiber Road, was shut down by U. S. law-enforcement agencies in 2013, but we’ll get to the important points in a while.

How to Access Dark Web on Android?

It is possible to access Dark Web on Android using a specific software that allows users to communicate anonymously such as TOR, Freenet, or the Invisible Internet Project. There are some apps on play store which you can download to access deep web.

1. Install OrWall

Manufactured by Swiss privacy activist Cédric Jeanneret, OrWall is fundamentally a firewall to access dark web on Android that will force all your applications (or just the ones you select) to use the Tor network to transmit all of their data. If an app is incapable of using the Tor network to access the internet, then that data connection will be blocked.

Download OrWall APK

Download OrWall from Play Store


Dark web on Android - OrBot

Orbot, by the Guardian Project, Will be the connector between your current device and the TOR network. It facilitates typically the passage of data through your apps for the TOR network, but it can easily do so with programs that support data getting sent through a web proxy. Because of that restriction, it’s necessary to possess both Orbot and OrWall installed on your device given that OrWall will help together with software that does not effectively have proxy server support.

Download Orbot APK

Download Orbot from Play Store

3. OrFox

The last one we have here is modified browser to access TOR. Orfox is built from the same source code as Tor Browser (which is built upon Firefox). But with a few minor modifications to the privacy enhancing features to make them compatible with Firefox for Android and the Android operating system.

Download OrFox APK

Download OrFox from Play Store

What’s worse is that unlike the regular website URLs that are meant to be remembered, the .onion addresses are intentionally devised to be painfully long strings of apparent gibberish that nobody in their right mind will even think about memorizing.

In case you don’t have a treasure trove of Dark Web URLs with you (and chances are, you don’t), we suggest you use the preeminent Tor-based Dark Web search engine called Grams (onion link). You can also go to aggregation sites like The Hidden Wikit hat catalogs a lot of the Dark Web sites, but be careful about which links you click on, because, many of those are dangerously NSFW (and worse). There are also many threads on subreddits like r/deepweb and r/DNMsuperlist that have tons of Dark Web links, so you could check them out as well.

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