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IT Certification is essential to enter into any IT organizations. Even though We have a lot of knowledge on IT Resources, certification becomes a reputation of the opening into any IT organization.

IT Certification – Today’s market

Nowadays, It became challenging to get a job in the field of IT after the party changes in the US.The major IT clients are US people. The US invest a lot on the global market to build its reputation.Digital life is changing the life everywhere on another hand high paid employees fired out of MNC’s. The best performers of IT industry alone get chances to survive in MNC.But, If you’re concerned about your job security, then join any small scale industry and start contributing. The contribution mean the organization as well the personal growth should be equal.

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IT Certification – Road Map

IT Certification Roadmap

Detailed view on IT Organisation Road Map.

This flow chart will show you how to build to the career in a certification, if you choose to do a certification on then we need to concentrate on that career from novice to expert level. This will help us to get organized and focus on a targeted domain.We are sure this map will help you to identify the way you want to lead.Every certification is cost effective one. So, I request you to choose a certification which your interest and according to the market value too.


IT Certification Roadmap

Also from my own experience, I learned a great thing in doing certification.

Each certification will have its own coaching center where you must learn.If you choose to study CEH in NIIT for example, then you should have enlightenment that main branches of NIIT will have all the required materials and Lab.Always try to choose to study in head office.Also, confirm about the contribution of center and LAB.Because, lot of duplicate centers which is teaching the students with the staffs who even don’t know about that certification itself.So, never look for money before doing a certification, also choose some best centers.

We will post about the best centers to do certification as soon as possible.

Comment if you need to know more about this details.

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